July 2022


O Eternal Lord, You are the True God, and Your words are always true, and You have made this good promise to me, Your servant. 2 Samuel 7:28 The Voice

Occasionally, I take a step back and look at my life and try to comprehend the love of God and how He demonstrates it in my life. I am overwhelmed and amazed at God’s goodness, love and the impact He has on my life.

The realization found in 2 Samuel 7:28 is that God keeps His covenant, His Word even though we don’t uphold our end of the bargain. This is not to say God can be taken advantage of, but it lets me know God looks beyond the appearance and accepts the heart and its allegiance to Him.

Think about all the promises you may have broken in your life, all the times you didn’t do what you promised to do and all the effects and results that came because of it. I know I am human and can fail at any given time; however, I also know He will never fail. This is why we can proclaim like David that “His words are true!”

David was a man that could have easily given up on the desires of his heart because of the errors of his ways; however, he was assured that the love of God transcends barriers and would reach him in the deepest and darkest pit.

Don’t give life to the negativity around you! God sits high and looks low; He will pluck you out of the most precarious situations. David’s life is a testimony to the fact that God has the final say and even though your life may be headed one way; it’s not too late for a redirection to take place. David knew the error of his ways; however, in 2 Samuel 7:28 David is in prayer and says to the Lord, “You have made this good promise to me, Your servant.” Just because you mess up doesn’t mean you no longer belong to God. Even though you make mistakes, the goodness God planted in you before the foundation of the world will sprout and come to life.

Jesus said He came for the broken; this means He came for you. God’s Word is trustworthy; His promises are valid. He didn’t come expecting you to be perfect, He came expecting for you to give Him a chance to perfect you. In the midst of the mess that outlined David’s life, God assured him that the promise would be fulfilled.

In reading this passage, I pray you find great pleasure and comfort in knowing the promises of God will be fulfilled in your life. I believe His perfection is taking root in your life! We all, like David, have messed up. We have given in to temptation and we have fallen short. However, this passage reminds us of the importance God still has in our lives even in times where we think we are beyond His reach.

David was at a point where he wanted to do so much for God but building the temple would not be allowed because he had too much blood on his hands. Through this message to David provided by the prophet Nathan, David is reminded of the mistakes that he has made while also being assured of the love that God has for him.

Before you were formed God knew all the mistakes you would make; however, He still created a plan for you to overcome every pitfall and reach higher heights in and through Him. His Word, His covenant is indeed trustworthy.

Remember this: He has promised good things to His servant, that is you and me!

Victorious by His Grace!

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