May 2021

Remaining Steady In The Uncertainty

I decree that all people everywhere who live under my sovereign rule ought to tremble before and fear the God of Daniel. For He is the living God, and He will endure forever. His kingdom will never be overthrown; His reign will know no end. (Daniel 6:26 The Voice)

Wouldn’t life today as Christ followers be wonderful if all earthly government recognized the God of Daniel and His ways as Sovereign?

The above decree taken from the book of Daniel was made by King Darius who oversaw the land of Babylon. During the time of King Darius’ rule, life in Babylon was no less riddled with uncertainty than life on Earth today. Let’s delve more deeply into Daniel’s story to see what caused this king to publicly submit to the Living God of Daniel.

Shortly before King Darius made the decree found in Daniel 6:26, he had appointed Daniel head over all government officers in the land. The ruling administration did not like Daniel. Finding there was nothing they could do to stop his rise in a foreign land, they conspired to cut him short by preying on his relationship with his God. Provoked by jealousy of Daniel’s favor with the king, these leaders conspired and convinced Darius to make it illegal to worship anyone but him. Daniel was told he could not pray for thirty days to the Lord; he was also told he had to worship and pray only to King Darius.

We all know the story—Daniel was imprisoned and thrown into the Lion’s Den for not obeying the king’s decree. Facts are, Daniel endured much torment and ridicule for his faith. Though I am confident Daniel’s faith did not waver, I wonder if he faced just a little uncertainty regarding the outcome of his predicament.

As our world grows darker and the days more evil, we may never be presented with the den of lions Daniel encountered. However, it is the same destiny thief Daniel faced who would love to devour our hopes, steal our dreams, and kill our future. Today, in the midst of mounting uncertainty, we can be assured we will encounter trials through which we will be challenged to remain steady in our faith. The devil has only one thing in mind—to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow! (John 10:10)

In this world there are many rules and regulations man wants us to recognize and follow. As a child of God we are to respect the ‘laws of the land’ when they do not call for us to disrespect our God. In this world we will find countless situations where Satan will see God’s children rise and will try to cut them short. The enemy of our souls will try his best to trip you up along the way and find ways to make your life miserable.

Today, there may be some things in your life which don’t exactly cause you to lose faith, but may have you in a position where you are unsure of how things will play out in the end. It is in these times and complex situations we must come to know and remain confident in this truth: “He is the living God, and He will endure forever.”

The storms of life will have all of us tossing and turning from time to time, but we do have an anchor whose name is Jesus, keeping us safe and steady. People or things we hold dear to our hearts on this earth can be taken from us in the blink of an eye. Today, we can be encouraged by knowing this truth: “His kingdom will never be overthrown.”

The Bible declares Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. This provides good news to the body of Christ today, reminding us even though we will experience highs and lows in this life, we will never fall beyond the thermostat of God’s grace. The thermostat that Jesus Christ maintains is a steady environment within us while the temperature of the things around us fluctuates from minute to minute.

We find comfort in knowing our Heavenly Father is full of faithfulness, even in the rough times. We find
courage in knowing our Heavenly Father is steadfast in the worst possible situations. We find a reason to smile when we understand His Kingdom will never be overthrown.

For sure, our faith will be tested as we hold on to God’s unchanging hand. Satan will intensify his attacks as we trust the Lord.

Think about this: King Darius recognized the only true and wise God through the adversity Daniel faced. There may be situations we encounter simply for others to recognize God’s power and sovereignty. Darius saw Daniel’s faith and God’s faithfulness, then he wrote the decree that all the land should serve the God of Daniel.

Because God lives, we will endure. Because God saves, we will persevere. Because God reigns, just like Daniel, we will trust Him and remain faithful.

May the uncertainties we face become our testimonies to God’s love and power. The journey we are on is not always easy and is it not for the faint of heart. However, we know our Heavenly Father carries us through every ‘lion’s den’ to a place of victory for His Glory!

Think about these things – it just might be true!
Victorious by His Grace!

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Your faith will not grow into great faith out of great effort; your faith will grow to be great out of your great surrender.
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