Glory Reports
I would like to personally thank Billie and all of those who travel to the uttermost parts of the earth. I have been personally blessed here at Encountering Life ministries by what they bring to the table; intercession, teaching, and creative expression through hearing and delivering a powerful Word from the Lord.

Holy Ground International is a relevant full of faith ministry coupled by the power of God, with signs and wonders following! I have been fortunate enough to plant 7 churches in 2 years and having friends like Holy Ground has meant more than you will ever know!

God bless you Billie.

Encountering Life International,
From Mexico, Scott Lee

I just want to thank you for your influence in my decision in going to Africa. It was awesome and the Lord DID use me in ways that I didn't understand. - Mexico

When are you coming to our beautiful, hot, and "spiritually dry" land sister. Please let us know what the Lord has for our city.Thank you for all your prayers, love and concern. - India

I like reading your newsletters. I can tell that many times the subject just fits into my situation. Sometimes, it had been a confirmation, a teaching or just helped me to understand what goes on or to handle a situation. Or it just can be an encouragement or a comfort. For example, you wrote about the betrayal of a friend and right then, a couple of days before, I experienced exactly that with a friend of mine at work. Or lately, I dealt with the subject of idolatry, the idol of self, fear of man, doing the right (!) thing...Switzerland

We appreciate your prayers regarding our breakthrougj - we have been hearing God and we are moving with Him! - Tulsa

The Lord Loves me, that Newsletter was right on time! Thank you very much - Germany

Dearest Billie: I just want to say thank you for being such a blessing to me. You helped me to see how God's love is. You were such a blessing to our Ministry. ...I learned how to use God's power and how to use his authority with confidence. Thank you Billie. Go changed my life 180 Degrees through you and through your prayers. - Amman, Jordan

Greetings from Leipzig! Thanks for the latest newsletter which has one of my favorite Bible verses...'choose this day who you will server...' As always you have many good thoughts to chew on in a compact letter. Praise God!

The seminary with Tommi and you in Winterthur (Switzerland) was really a great experience for Bruna and me together. Through all your words and personal examples we felt your hearts, your devotion, your authority, and the anointing on your lives.
Never before has a seminary touched my heart so like this. It's a new challenge for me to walk worth of the vocation where I am called. Building a personal altar, to offer myself as a living sacrifice to my God and Father, dedicated to His service and pleasing to Him, that is my longing and desire.


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